Choose kindness

A book about awakening to a new, happier way of being. Reflective text is accompanied by beautiful images of the New Zealand landscape.

My new book about kindness has finally arrived! It showcases some more of my sky photography and writing about kindness, self-compassion and awareness. You can buy it from Amazon US, Amazon Australia and Amazon UK as well as sites thoughout Europe.

The book was prompted by my own journey towards a more loving way of being. After almost reaching ‘burn-out’ in 2015, I realised that I had to make some changes concerning the way I lived, especially the way I treated myself. I began a journey towards awareness and self-care. In the time of Covid-19 never has there been a more urgent need to practice kindness – to yourself and to others. My hope is that this book will encourage an attitude of kindness, because kindness truly matters.

This book offers a selection of thoughts on how to be kind. Presented alongside beautiful landscape photography, the short texts are designed to encourage reflection. This book makes a wonderful heartfelt gift to someone you care about, including yourself. Self-kindness is often overlooked, yet it is only when we understand ourselves and treat ourselves kindly that we can be truly kind to others.

I’m making daily posts on my Instagram page @beautifulskybooks. Join me there !

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