Prints for sale

I’m excited to announce that I am now able to sell copies of my prints via Fine Art America. I’m choosing to sell them this way as the prints produced are excellent quality and reasonably priced – plus with fulfillment centres all over the world, you will only pay local shipping costs. This is a real help as living in New Zealand it always costs so much to ship items around the world.

Another cool thing about Fine Art America is that they can put my images onto cards. So now for around the $5 mark you can buy one of my images as a greetings card!! I’m really excited about it!! More than that, they can put the images on to things like phone cases and yoga mats.

Doesn’t this make a cool phone case!??

Below you can see some of the images currently available (note that these are low resolution and the prints you will purchase will be much better quality). More will be coming – and if you see an image you like in my Instagram feed or anywhere else, please let me know as it is very easy for me to load it up so you can purchase it 🙂 Come and take a look around!!

Cloud Series #7 Gold and Blue
Norfolk Pine Sunset
Lost in the beauty
Waking up!
NZ Light Series – Caramel
Low tide

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