The books I’m creating come from my own spiritual path, where I am learning more about self-care, meditation, mindfulness and heart-centred awareness. I am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and I want to share any insights and inspiration with my readers. I do not claim to have the answers, I am just following my path as we all must do. My intention is always that my heartfelt words ‘from the road’ may be of benefit to others who are also on a spiritual path. My books include Choose kindness and Essential Mantras for Everyone. I use my images to create videos. Check out Mul mantra, Om Shanti Om and Lokah.

All my books include beautiful full-colour images of the New Zealand landscape where I live

Of course, I long to find a publisher who will promote my books, but in the meanwhile, I’m not going to hold myself up – I’m self-publishing these titles via the Amazon platform. As a publishing professional myself for 25+ years you can be assured that these books are of the highest quality (I simply wouldn’t do it if they weren’t). I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve for more books! So if you happen to be a publisher and like the look of these sweet little volumes – do get in touch! Find out more about the books here.

I’m also offering my books via my Etsy shop – and I will sign them too. Just follow the link to my Etsy shop and be sure to leave instructions in the comments section regarding the name I should dedicate the book to 🙂

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