My word for the year

I think I began doing this around 2008 – picking a word that I would reflect on through the year. There were a group of us on Blogger and it was interesting seeing how the words we chose reonated through the months. Words are powerful; they are “mightier than the sword”, as one wordsmith put it (wink).

Choosing just one word has its problems – I mean there are so many to choose from (470,000 English words in Webster’s Dictionary, for example). But on the flipside, the limitation of picking just one word is a valuable constraint, allowing you, over time, to drill down into the different layers of its meaning and context. It’s good to take a little time over choosing your word for the year since it will be your ‘companion’ of sorts for 12 months. Sometimes it might come to you in a dream – maybe because there is an inner meaning that can be revealed by the contemplation of that word.

Last year I chose the word ‘Illumination’. It was one of those words that just kept knocking at my subconscious. Turns out that 2019 was a highly illuminating year! I was more or less shifted out of my complacency through a series of events, one of them that was extreme and very scary. So much delusion was stripped away and it was not a pleasant process. But the end result is wisdom and a clarity of vision. Those of us on a spiritual path seek to be more aware – but are we really prepared for the consequences? Being present means that you get to experience it all – no numbing out. And no spiritual bypassing. As Pema Chodron (a Tibetan Buddhist nun) puts it: ‘Being conscious means you really have to feel what you feel, which is frequently very vulnerable and raw”.

So what will be my word for next year? I’m thinking maybe something cosy and nice… not too demanding. How about ‘soft’ or ‘comfort’ or maybe ‘friendly’. But the word that is coming to me is ‘on purpose’ (and for the pedants, I know that is two words!) I may choose deliberate too – or intentional (all shades of the same meaning). On purpose has the word purpose in it and it would be good to focus on that. So yep, come what may that’s my word. I’m going to be definite, I’m going to be clear, I’m going to be ‘on purpose’. Do you have a word? If not – why not try it? At the very least, as a blogger, it will give you a subject to revisit throughout the year!! You might even discover something about yourself and your world.

So – what would your word be for 2020? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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